Below you will find a list of webites that suggest various books, and guides that we hope will aid in your journey in healing. It is important that in your search for resources that you find reading that "sits well with you". Every situation is different, and everyone heals in their own way, and in their own time. Remember to pace yourself, and to only take in what you can handle, try not to overwhelm yourself. Try to find books who's authors seem to be speaking to you, and have information and techniques that pertain to your situation. Becoming Gold does not take responsibility or liability for any of the books or websites listed. We suggest books as one form of therapy, but recommend the your family doctor, therapist, or psychologist be involved in your healing process as well.


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>This week's question: What do you think can be done to protect children, as a means of intervention from Childhood Sexual abuse? What suggestions do you have for parents?


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Tears of Joy,written by Barbara J. Behm. Illustrations by Ellen Anderson.

To find out more about this book please contact Barbara J. Behm via email Email: or you can send her comments via the Feedback Forum.



Tears of Joy is a book of healing for all children

"Most children dont't tell if they have been sexually violated. Most adults don't tell. Tears of Joy will give children the opportunity of disclosing 'the secret'. How I wish this book had been available when I was a child. It could have saved me fifty years of shame and pain" -Marilyn Van Derbur for Miss America, incest survivor


"Untill we can talk to our children about sexual abuse as casually as we do about other topics, they will continue to be victimized by adults. Every parent needs to talk about sexual abuse to his/her children. Tears of Joy is a good way to start!"- Dr. Lois Lee, founder/president, Children of the Night


*In order to visit any of the below sites, simply copy the URL and paste it into the address box at the top of your browser. Please scroll down to view further resources. Enjoy!

>Self is a great resource on various tools that can help you towards self nuturing, healing, and inner growth. To check them out please go to:

>Yahoo! has a solid selection of books on childhood sexual abuse, and prices. Yahoo offers a variety of material on the various forms of childhood sexual abuse.Go to:

>Chapters bookstores have many locations around the world, and offer a wide variety of books. If you have a book that you can not find, or is not in stock at their store they can search and order it for you. Go to:


> offers a various books, and forums for childhood sexual abuse. It is a great resource for ordering books online. Go to:


>MenWeb-Men's voice magazine. A great site targeted to men who are healing from childhood sexual abuse. The site offers a wide variety of books related to the male survivors. Go to:


>Partners And Allies of Sexual Assault Survivors Resources List. The books offered on this page span most every aspect of childhood sexual abuse and is worth visiting. Go to:

>RVAP has a website devoted to all aspects of abuse, and violation.The site also offers a strong resource page that also has books that cover many aspects of childhood sexual abuse.Go to:

> offers many resources, many of which are geared towards healing, and survivors. The site also offers books targeted towards spouses or partners of those dealing with childhood sexual abuse. Go to:


More resources will be made available in the future. If you know of a great resource please share it with us. If you have questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us.