I'll be honest with the members of the Becoming Gold website, I have spent a fair amount of time brainstorming on what type of education I could offer for this website. I thought of various links to websites with the similar theme, I 've thought about what message I would like to present, I eventually came up with a different perspective. I thought of myself not only as the person who is creating this website, but someone who is still in my healing process. What sort of things appeal to me? What do I think would appeal to other people healing? The lessons, revelations, insights, perspectives, or thoughts of others. I believe that would be a great Education for us all, to share what we have learned about ourselves and in turn hopefully enlighten others. I will share what I have learned and hopefully you will share your lessons too! I look forward to learning from all of you!

Melodie Downey

Editor/Founder Becoming Gold

Email your life lessons to the following address, please include your name and any other information you would like presented on our website. Thank you.



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>This week's question: What do you think can be done to protect children, as a means of intervention from Childhood Sexual abuse? What suggestions do you have for parents?



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11/05/200-"I'm beginning to understand the importance of trusting myself. It seems to leek out into other aspects of my life. My choices and decisions. As I slowly allow myself to trust, I believe all of the guilt and shame will slip away or not be so intense. Its the same as developing a relationship with someone. I'm taking it one day at a time, and trying to give myself credit. I believe I can fall in love with myself, its hard and will take time, trust in myself is a large part of that." -Anonymous.